An Announcement: SWORDS V. CTHULU

Woohoo! Great news from my friend M.K.Sauer, who will in part of a new Anthology coming out next year, which also includes stories by Carrie Vaughn (one of my favorite Urban Fantasy authors) and Jonathan L. Howard! Congratulations! 😀

The Sauer Press

Fresh off of my last announcement about being an honorary mention for the Kraken Awards, I have more exciting news!

My short story THE THIEF IN THE SAND is going to be published in Stone Skin Press’s Swords v. Cthulu, an anthology that mixes together D&D-style swordplay and Lovecraftian themes. I’ve been told it’ll be out early next year, but the bigger news is that it will be in bookstores.

That’s right, MK-Ultra-ers (which is what I’ve decided to call you), you will be able to read a short story by yours truly in a book. That you bought. From a store. And can hold in your hands.

This is kinda big shit.

Not to mention the fact that I’m sharing a Table of Contents with the likes of Carrie Vaughn, NY Times Bestseller and one of my personal heroes, Jonathan L Howard, writer extraordinaire and…

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Another Page – Social media and me, Part 2

Similar issue, though the attacks were more personal in nature with the intent to slander and shame me for a life choice forced on me without my consent.

The View From My Trailer and Verandah

I found it necessary today to unfriend someone on Facebook. Now, I didn’t make this decision lightly. It was a person who had sent me a friend request a short while ago and I accepted because, although I hadn’t known the person in any way previously we had several friends in common. The person began regularly liking then commenting on my status updates, but as I had chosen recently to cut back on my social media use in general I did not follow their updates so was not commenting likewise. I just do not have time at the moment. Which is why I wrote this first blog post about it last week, putting more of a positive spin on the situation: Another Page – Social media and me …

Following now is, for me, the negative side of social media.

Unfortunately, this person had chosen to make comments on both…

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Why the Pope’s embrace of science matters

Pope Francis’ recent Encyclical has been widely praised for supporting the science on climate change. As Johan Rockström, who’s been involved in high level discussions between scientists and the Vatican explains, the story of how the Pope has integrated science and religion represents an important shift.

On June 18, Pope Francis issued the encyclical Laudato Si: On care for our common home. The letter has been widely praised for supporting the science on climate change. But it goes much further than many expected in documenting the phenomenal changes that our planet is undergoing, beyond climate. And the story of how the Pope has integrated science and religion (not always the easiest of companions, let’s face it) indicates, to me at least, a profound shift in world view.

The Pontifical Academy of Sciences has been bringing together climate scientists, economists and scholars pretty much since Francis’ papacy began in March 2013. My…

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My Open Letter To President Obama about His Hostile Polices and Indifference Toward Wildlife

Our Wisconsin, Our Wildlife

Is this what President Obama want to take us back to? Is this what President Obama want to take us back to? Dear President Obama,

I am writing you this letter as a simple citizen and wildlife advocate. I do not have access to big money donors, political parties, or special interest groups. Because of that this letter may not even be read by you or your staff, but I am going to try anyway.

Mr. President, I write this letter as a once hopeful but now jaded person that considers myself as a political progressive. This is especially true when it comes to the protection of the environment and our wildlife. When you were running for office and upon your eventual election there was an overwhelming sense of hope that you were going to be the environmental president that we have longed for since the days of Bruce Babbitt and the Clinton Administration. Those hopes began to dim upon your…

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Another Page – Social media and me …

I too experienced a drastic re-adjustment of my Social Media participation within the last couple years. ^_^

The View From My Trailer and Verandah

Since I moved into my new digs on June 1st I’ve been without a constant and uninterrupted Internet connection that I’d grown accustomed – nay, addicted! – to having wherever I went, stayed, lived. It’s taken some adjustment, let me tell you! I go to the park’s Rec Hall to link into their free service to call Dennis on Skype and check in twice a day. But that service is not always connected. So I drive 20k into Kincardine and avail myself of their free WiFi at either the library or coffee shop across the street. Great! But I don’t like to sit there for too long and take advantage. I tried getting my own connection in the trailer, but it turned out that the entire park is in kind of a no-man’s-land when it comes to picking up signals (is that what Internet still does? pick up signals?) so…

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Kitty Saves the World & an announcement

I love this series; I’m partly sad that it’s coming to a close, but I’m excited to read it!

Filling the Well

kitty saves the world MM

This is the next Kitty book!  It’s also the last one in the series.

I’ve mentioned it here and there, usually only at signings when the topic comes up.  A few times I’ve said flat out:  When you see Kitty Saves the World, you’ll know it’s the last book.  I’ve been planning this for a long time.  And now it’s here, and it feels like the right decision.  It’s been exciting and satisfying to work on this.  Like graduating.  It’s time.

One of the things that’s happened over the course of writing the series is I would always have too many ideas for each book, and the extra ideas would go into one of the next books.  Right now?  I don’t have an idea for what comes next.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’ve got lots and lots of ideas:  I want to write about Rick as a Vatican-sponsored…

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Horrific Photograph Shows True Nature of Wisconsin “Sportsmen”

So, this is what people think a ‘responsible’ wildlife management plan allows… Sometimes, humans make me sick to my soul.

Our Wisconsin, Our Wildlife

There is a new photograph making the rounds on the internet showing a Wisconsin wolf killer posing with a dead wolf and a live one in a trap in the background. I was forwarded this today along with the caption apparently written by the wolf killer on one of the wildlife snuff sites.

The true Wisconsin "sportsmen." The true Wisconsin “sportsman.”

“Cought (it wouldn’t be a wolf hater without poor grammar) these two yesterday just in time
Before the wolf quota was filled. I believe it was
The mother and her pup but I’m not positive.
I missed two wolves the day before at this same location
So I re arranged where I place the lure, urine and stepping
Sticks and it paid off. “

This is your “sportsman” Wisconsin. Be proud. Remind you of anyone?

Idaho wolf killer Josh Bransford in 2012. Idaho wolf killer Josh Bransford in 2012.

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Death Never……

And The Moon Sees All

Death Never…

“Death never pierces the heart so much as when it takes someone we love; cleaving the heart they held with their passing.” Brandon M. Herbert

*In Memory of my Uncle. Ti amo con tutto il mio cuore.*

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Stephen Colbert And Sherman Alexie Take On Amazon

CBS Seattle

NEW YORK (AP) — On one side of a major publishing feud is, the industry’s biggest book seller.

On the other side is a leading New York publisher few readers have heard of, Hachette Book Group, and some Hachette authors virtually all readers have heard of: J.K. Rowling, James Patterson, Malcolm Gladwell and, most recently, Stephen Colbert.

Saying that he’s not just mad at Amazon, but “mad prime,” Colbert assailed the online retailer on his Comedy Central program Wednesday night. Amazon is in a contract dispute with Hachette Book Group and has been delaying shipments for some Hachette books, including for Colbert’s “America Again,” and removing the pre-order option for Rowling’s “The Silkworm” (written under her pen name Robert Galbraith) and other upcoming works. Colbert twice flipped his middle finger at Amazon during the show and brought on Sherman Alexie, a Hachette author who recommended a debut novel that…

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Ra – Critical Mass

Ra has been, and continues to be, one of the most influintial bands on my own personal music. Critical Mass was one of the absolute best albums I heard last year, and the ONLY one self-released. I will be writing my own review of Critical Mass on my blog soon, but for the time being, let this suffice.


By Catt Garcia

The respect that comes with a decade of experience is nothing to be humble about. For the few bands who have lasted, surviving a decade represents true dedication. For 16 years, Los Angeles natives, Ra, have endured nationwide tours, over 400,000 albums sold and a brand new independently-released album. Most importantly, fans of Ra have fueled the tough times, set goals alongside them, and celebrated every moment with endless enthusiasm. Named after the Egyptian sun god, Ra uses a medley of exotic tones and vocals which complement their namesake’s elements of growth, warmth and light. Beneath their hard-rock core, crawls a delicate vine of exotic inspiration.

The 2013 release of Critical Mass emphasizes the strength of those who are survivors of time. For those who earn their respect by eating, sleeping and breathing music. By following the dark alleys and dead-ends, Ra has risen against the record label’s…

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